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Oct 05, 2021
Floor-and-ceiling strategy opens door to mispriced stocks

WHAT ARE WE LOOKING FOR? Profitable companies that have a sensible price. Return on capital and price-to-book tend to evolve in the same direction. As profitability rises, the price-to-book ratio is likely to increase to…

Sep 07, 2021
Eight U.S. defensive dividend stocks for a frothy market

WHAT ARE WE LOOKING FOR? Dividend-paying U.S.-listed stocks with lower risk. The S&P 500 is up 19.5 per cent over the past six months and its price-to-earnings ratio now stands at 35.4, higher than the…

Aug 09, 2021
Nine Canadian stocks to play the consumer savings boom

These nine Canadian stocks are poised to absorb excess consumer savings. WHAT ARE WE LOOKING FOR? Canadian equities that generate plenty of free cash flow. Canadian consumers are now saving 13.1 per cent of their income,…

Jul 13, 2021
These 11 growing companies from the S&P 500 are becoming increasingly attra...

What are we looking for? U.S. equities with improving valuations and fundamentals. We look for a negative three-month price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio and a positive three-month current operating value (COV) change to discover stocks with an attractive signal.…

Jun 14, 2021
Ten strongly profitable TSX stocks that investors may be overlooking

WHAT ARE WE LOOKING FOR? Canadian stocks with strong profitability but whose unspectacular price movements may mean they’re not attracting much investor attention. We use the six-month price return to find stocks that may have…

May 18, 2021
These 10 TSX materials stocks are well-placed to benefit from commodities boom

WHAT ARE WE LOOKING FOR? Canadian materials stocks with momentum and compelling fundamentals. We use a momentum approach to focus on a sector strongly linked to the runup in commodities prices. We believe that stocks…

Apr 20, 2021
These 10 U.S. large-cap stocks demonstrate consistent, solid profitability

WHAT ARE WE LOOKING FOR? U.S. large caps with high profitability, below-average risk and attractive valuations. We use the economic performance index (EPI) and relative EPI to help us find stocks with a healthy adjusted…

Mar 22, 2021
ESG-friendly Companies that Combine Quality, Growth and Value

WHAT ARE WE LOOKING FOR? ESG-friendly, quality companies demonstrating growth at acceptable valuations. Essentially, our search combines the three most used fundamental factors: quality, growth and value. The objective is to find a solid company…

Feb 23, 2021
Small caps poised for growth in a post-pandemic world

What are we looking for? Small caps with solid fundamentals. We believe small capitalization stocks, generally seen as more risky than large caps, will also be more likely than large caps to take advantage of…

Jan 26, 2021
Eight profitable North American stocks with tempting valuations

What are we looking for? Companies with strong profitability and below-average valuations. Companies with high multiples tend to have high expectations. At some point these expectations may exceed the company’s capabilities and result in a…

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