Year: 2021

Mar 01, 2021
Why Integrate ESG in the Portfolio Selection Process?

Try ESG Analytics Now Sustainable investing has gained traction over the past few years. According to Morningstar Research Inc., more than $1.5 billion was invested in Canadian sustainable funds in the fourth quarter of 2020…

Feb 25, 2021
ESG Analytics

Inovestor partnered with Sustainalytics, the largest pure-play investment research and ratings firm dedicated to responsible investment and ESG research, with over 25 years of experience in ESG and corporate governance. This new add-on provides a…

Feb 23, 2021
Number Cruncher Extra – Stingray Group, Savaria Corporation & Investo...

In our last Number Cruncher we discussed how Stingray Group (RAY.A), Savaria Corporation (SIS) & Investors Title Company (ITIC) could be good candidates to take advantage of the economic recovery. Now, we’re going to look…

Feb 23, 2021
Small caps poised for growth in a post-pandemic world

What are we looking for? Small caps with solid fundamentals. We believe small capitalization stocks, generally seen as more risky than large caps, will also be more likely than large caps to take advantage of…

Feb 16, 2021
Canadian ETFs: January’s Launches and Terminations

The Canadian ETF industry reached $260 billion in assets under management at the end of January. The Canadian ETF product line-up continues to expand. New solutions consist mostly of thematic ETFs to cater to changing…

Feb 05, 2021
Portfolio Manager’s February Comment for January Results

The S&P/TSX posted a negative return for the month of January. The outcome took place in an environment where volatility peaked as GameStop (GME) rose rapidly at the end of the month. The S&P/TSX fell…

Feb 02, 2021
StockPointer® Canada Portfolio Transactions – January 2021

We have rebalanced the Nasdaq Inovestor Canadian Index based on our Canadian Model Portfolio, effective today, January 22, after market close. Here are the details: Ins: 1. CCL Industries Inc. Class B (CCL.B) - Market trend. Increase in the Material sector as seen in…

Jan 26, 2021
Eight profitable North American stocks with tempting valuations

What are we looking for? Companies with strong profitability and below-average valuations. Companies with high multiples tend to have high expectations. At some point these expectations may exceed the company’s capabilities and result in a…

Jan 14, 2021
Canadian ETFs: A look at December’s launches and terminations – and how the ...

INDUSTRY REVIEW The Canadian ETF industry reached $257 billion in assets under management at the end of November, compared to $205 billion one year ago, for an annual growth rate of 25.4%. ETFs reported record…

Jan 07, 2021
Portfolio Manager’s January Comment For Q4 2020 Results

Global equities ended the year on a strong finish. The S&P/TSX Composite Total Return Index increased by 9% in Q4 for a total annual return of 5.6%. During Q4, the S&P500 produced a 12.1% return…

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