Year: 2020

Apr 21, 2020
Canadian small caps in good shape to get through the crisis

What are we looking for? Small cap stocks have generally been hit harder than large caps in the current market turmoil. The S&P/TSX SmallCap Index is down 30.6 per cent year-to-date, while the S&P/TSX Composite…

Apr 17, 2020
StockPointer® Canada Portfolio Transactions – April 2020

We have rebalanced the Nasdaq Inovestor Canadian Index based on our Canadian Model Portfolio, which will be effective on April 17th after market close. Here are the details : Ins First National Financial Corp. (FN)–…

Apr 08, 2020
Portfolio Manager’s April Comment For Q1 2020

The performance of Global equities has been severely impacted by the COVID-19. The S&P/TSX Composite Total Return Index declined by 20.9% in Q1 more than offsetting last years’ gains for an annualized negative total return…

Apr 07, 2020
7 Consumer Discretionary Companies that Might not Survive the COVID-19 Bear Mark...

WHAT ARE WE LOOKING FOR? The S&P500 is down 22.97%, the S&P/TSX is down 24.18% year to date. The COVID19 pandemic is destroying the economy, the Canadian GDP and US GDP are expected to drop…

Apr 06, 2020
StockPointer® US and ADR Model Portfolio Transactions – April 2020

We have rebalanced the Stockpointer® US and ADR model portfolios which are effective now. Here are the details for the US portfolio : Ins: American Express (AXP)– Market Trend. Increase in the Financial sector as…

Mar 24, 2020
Number Cruncher Extra: Kirkland Lake Gold, IA Financial Corporation and Toromont...

OVERVIEW In our system, Kirkland Lake Gold, Toromont Industries and IA Financial Corporation have an overall score higher than 60 which implies a positive outlook. These stocks are all clasified as quality because of their…

Mar 24, 2020
Cyclical Large-Cap Stocks for Investors to Keep on Their Radar

What are we looking for? As expected, cyclical sectors have been hit harder than defensive ones in the past month. Switching now to defensive stocks, which are far less correlated than cyclicals to the overall…

Mar 12, 2020
Canadian Model Portfolio update: COVID-19

With the current COVID-19 spreading all over the global. Here is a quick portfolio update: On February 20, S&P/TSX TR achieved new highs closing at $17,944. Since then the benchmark is down -20.29%. Whereas Inovestor…

Mar 10, 2020
Opportunities might arise during bear markets

WHAT ARE WE LOOKING FOR? From February 20, to March 5, 2020, the S&P 500 was down more than -15%, officially landing in the market correction territory. As the COVID-19 continues to spread in new…

Mar 04, 2020
Portfolio Manager’s March comment For February Results

The Canadian stock market realized one of its worst performance in February. This negative outcome unfolded as growing concerns on the economic impact of the COVID-19 was being factored in investor expectations. Given the elevated…

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